ChuZum Account FAQ

(we're from the tech department, and we're here to help!)

How do I sign up?

Start here, on the sign up page! We tried to make sign up process simple. Just add your information to the boxes, accept our terms and conditions, and walah! you're signed up!
This is also the perfect time to add your business! Its Free!

How do I choose favorite businesses.

Choosing favorite businesses is easy, just find a business, and click on the Choose button next to their name. Now, they can send you deals and specials.

How to un-favorite businesses.

Not sure you want a business to be your favorite? Just find that business, and click on the Unchoose button next to their name. They won't be able to send you deals or specials anymore.

My language isn't listed.

Type your language in the box labeled language. Then click add.

How to add your business.

Go to your Profile, and click on the Add Business button. There you can add multiple businesses and edit them there from then on.

How to delete your ChuZum Account

Click on your name on the top right of any page (even this one), and click on the Advanced Settings. At the bottom, you will see a red button, click it, it will ask if your sure, if so, follow the prompts. You will no longer get emails, or have access to ChuZum or its related products.