What is ChuZum?

(other than awesome!)

ChuZum was founded on the idea that we could solve an everyday problem.

Helping people to overcome language barriers, connecting those that share a native tongue, and creating community; are and always will be our highest priorities. Wherever that barrier exists and in whatever facet of life, we will empower our members with a liberating solution. ChuZum is the way to connect you to the world, and not just your world, but also the vast universe of your favorite language. How do you use it? Just search.

Our Story

While standing in line for coffee at a nationally recognized chain, I noticed one of the customers in front of me began to order using sign language. I thought that was awesome, and when it was my turn, I mentioned to the barista how I thought it was cool that they were able to serve customers who were hearing impaired. “Yeah, I actually have a number of customers who come here because I can sign with them,” he said. “Really? How many do you think come here just because of you?” I asked. “I don’t know, 8 to 10 or so, and some of them more than once per day.” Immediately I began to think about the economic benefits to this particular shop having this young man working for them

I asked him “does your manager know you can sign with customers?” His reply was somewhat surprising when he said “No, I don’t think so.” What a shame, I thought. Here was an employee who was definitely an asset to this business, and his management wasn’t even aware of the additional benefits of having him employed with them?!?! Here was a business that had an additional revenue stream of anywhere between $50 to $75 PER DAY simply because this young man was fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), and they were oblivious to do anything about it.

I began to expand my train of thought on this subject and wondered “how many businesses have customers who frequent their shop simply because an employee speaks their language? Is there a way to help businesses get the word out about the communication talents of their staff?”


(and how to use them)

Searching For A Business Is Easy.

We use Keywords, just type in the search box: what kind of service or product you are looking for, your prefered language, and your zip code or city!

Businesses. Helping You Live Life In Your Language.

Businesses have employees that speak your language... So to speak.

The Business Pages are easy to navigate, they are devided into three parts: Their Info, Their Location, and Their Staff. The staff portion includes each employees photo as well as all the languages they speak. Have questions? Check out our FAQ Page!

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